2010 WEG Opening Ceremony – “FRIESIAN TRAIN” & “MARDI GRAS FINALE”

Posted on September 28, 2010 by Paula

2010 WEG Opening Ceremony - Nicole & Eelstje F. (Bob!) Rockin' da House!

Hi, Everyone!

I can’t even express how incredible an experience this was!  Here’s Nicole and Bob flying around the stadium in a full canter (hence the blur!!) in front of 25,000 people going absolutely WILD over them during the Mardi Gras Finale!  :-)  Ron Steur, riding Fridse 423 Sport was doing a fantastic extended trot across the stadium as well!  They absolutely rocked the house and the applause/cheers were deafening!  See the photo gallery below for lots of great pics of our entire time spent at the WEG.)

The “Friesian Train” was amazing!  The combined performance of the ten highly talented riders along with the ten incredibly well-trained and athletic stallions, proved to be one of the most concisely executed equine demonstrations I have ever witnessed!  They really brought their “A” game to the WEG and the crowd went wild over them all. Since their appearance, I have had a constant stream of accolades from all across the globe from those that were either at the opening ceremony and experienced it themselves or have now watched it via the internet.  As one of the commentators stated at the conclusion of the Friesian Train performance:  ”For an equine performance, FLAWLESS!”

Here is a list of the riders and Friesian stallions that participated in the 2010 WEG Friesian Train:

#1 Christa Laarakkers on Ielke 382 Sport (KFPS), #2 Hans Megank on Rintje V (FPZV), #3 Saskia Meinema on Casper van de Oostwal (KFPS), #3 Susan Bouwman-Wind on Marten Hendrek (KFPS), #5 Brad Cutshall on Mintse 384 Sport (KFPS), #6 Nicole Glusenkamp on Eeltsje F (also known as “Bob,” KFPS), #7 Sabine van de Loenhorst on Haitse 425 (KFPS), #8 Kelly McGinn on Lolke 371 Sport (KFPS), #9 Lynn Jendrowski on Moud (KFPS), #10 Marijke Fulmer on Jerke 434 (KFPS). Fridse 423 Sport (KFPS) was in the Mardi Gras with rider Ron Steur along with Nicole and Eeltsje (Bob).

To watch the Friesian Train in action click here:  Friesian Train (with orchestra) The commentary is in German.

Here is a link to watch the Friesian Train in action!   It was shot by a member of the WEG audience:  YouTube of Friesian Train

You can also go to www.usefnetwork.com and watch the full opening ceremony.  The Friesian Train is about 1:14 into the show and the Mardi Gras Finale is about 2:53 into the show.

To our wonderful new KFPS friends that put this fantastic performance together in Holland, Jason Tice of FHANA for all of his help, and a special thank you to Ron Steur, who invited Nicole, Bob and myself to take part, we are forever grateful and so proud to have participated!  It was a great pleasure to have met everyone from Holland and our U.S. partners!  We hope to join you all again soon! :-)

GALLERY OF WEG PICS By Cally Matherly & Paula Marsh: