FPZV Elite Preferent Stallion

(Naen 264 x Anne 5638 Star)

I have tried to write this since my beloved Aswyn van de Pluum passed on from the complications of old age in September, but I simply thad not been able to find adequate words to express the loss of such a magnificent horse and such a kind, sweet and loving friend until now.  I take comfort in knowing that his life was filled with the love of so many all around the world and that he left so many of us with the gift of a son or a daughter to carry on his shining light.  To have spent the last years of his life with me was the greatest gift he could have ever given me…and I like to think he thought so too.

Aswyn lived to an amazing 28 1/2 years of age and he truly was a King among his breed!  I have never before experienced a horse with such regal presence.  At first, he just took my breath away with his masculine beauty and his powerful, yet graceful movement, then he looked at me with the kindest and wisest of eyes…and I was a goner!  It was as if he fully understood the effect he had on mere mortals, yet he would never take advantage of that power.  He was just so incredibly gentle and kind…and I will miss his nuzzles so very much.

Aswyn van de Pluum was foaled in the Netherlands on May 10, 1981. From there he was exported to Germany where he was registered and approved as a breeding stallion in 1987 by a joint KFPS Dutch and FPZV German Approval Committee after he completed and passed the 50-day Stallion Performance Test.

He was the Stallion Performance Test Champion in 1987. Aswyn van de Pluum holds the distinction of being the only jointly approved KFPS & FPZV Friesian breeding stallion in the history of both Dutch & German registries.

Aswyn at 23 years of age

Aswyn has a record of over 170 duly registered, premium offspring (KFPS + FPZV). In 1989, Aswyn sired the FPZV Champion Friesian Colt and Filly in Germany and continued his success as a breeding sire in 1993, 1994, 1999, and 2000 by siring the FPZV Champion Friesian Colt in North America. Two of his sons, in October of 1997, successfully completed the 50-day Stallion Performance Test (conformation, performance, and temperament) for approval as breeding stallions. Son “Foster v.V.” achieved his approval here in the US and his son “Woodstock” in Germany.  Years 2000, 2001 and 2003, found three of his sons passing the “Stallion Keuring” for approval, and two 3 year old Aswyn daughters received ‘Prel. Star’ status.

And in January 2002, Aswyn’s 7 year old daughter ‘Josephine de Mona’ passed the MPT and received the prestigious title ‘Model Mare.’  Aswyn’s sons ‘Van de Pluum’ and ‘Romeo de Rosa’ completed and successfully passed the 50-day Stallion Performance Test in March 2003 for approval as breeding stallions. And in 2004, WEF’s own ‘Wyn de Pluum v.V.‘ received approved Stallion status. Also in 2004, two of Aswyn’s daughters received Star status and in 2007 another received Model status. Upon his passing, Aswyn van de Pluum has sired five FPZV approved breeding Stallions! Rightfully, he was awarded the prestigious ‘Preferent Stallion’ status in March 2003 and was entered into the ‘Elite’ Stallion book. He has also received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his outstanding Progeny Record.Aswyn van de Pluum’s contribution to the Friesian breed has been one of tremendous influence and we are very proud to have had him as the honorable patriarch of WEF.  That mantle now passes to is splendid son, Wyn de Pluum v.V.  I only hope I have the same privilege of spending the rest of my life with him by my side. Aswyn was laid to rest under his favorite Oak tree after spending some time nuzzling and loving two of our mares, Rozalinda and Holly.  He passed peacefully and with mercy.  He will be missed every single day by those of us that were lucky enough to have lived to serve him and may every single one of you that own a magnificent Friesian know the tremendous bond, love and joy that we experienced with our beloved, Aswyn van de Pluum.

We have limited frozen semen on Aswyn and plan on utilizing it in the future to continue his long-standing tradition of siring the best of the best in the Friesian breed.

Please visit our Sales page to see Aswyn’s current get that are available for sale…as well as visiting his photo gallery.

Aswyn frolicking in 2006!
Aswyn frolicking in 2006!
Aswyn on his 28th Birthday...He remained handsome til the end!
My handsome Aswyn, on his 28th Birthday
Aswyn enjoying the sunshine in 2006!
Aswyn at 25…