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WEF is confident that between our three champion FPS/FPZV stallions, one will offer the characteristics needed to compliment any high quality Friesian mare to produce the foal of your dreams!

WEF offers for sale the finest quality Friesians available on the market today. These are Friesians of tried and true FPS & FPZV bloodlines, producing the epitome of a Friesian: remarkable beauty, physical grace & soundness and the kind & loving temperaments that have won the hearts and minds of people the world over. Peruse the horses we have for sale below knowing that they come from the most loving and solid of homes dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of owning a Friesian…one horse at a time.

As most you know, we lost both of our beloved Preferent/Elite stallion and mare, Aswyn van de Pluum & Rixt H. in 2009.  It was so sad for us to lose this amazing pair, however, in my heart, I see them both running free together in lush green pastures with no man-made hinderances to ever keep them apart again.  Simply enjoying eternity together idly grazing in the warm sunshine and sharing nuzzles of love…the paradise they both deserve.

We miss them with all of our hearts…and wait to someday lie idly in the grass alongside them as they peacefully graze…with a beautiful young foal at Rixt’s side.

Rixt H. lived to the wonderful age of 18 years…many of those years she spent nursing and caring for the foals that would go on to be world champions for the Friesian breed, highly awarded dressage and driving horses and of course, the most important of all, loyal and true friends to their human partners.  Rixt’s contributions will live in the annals of the Friesian world forever…her legacy continuing for generations to come.

Aswyn in his prime – Magnificent!

Aswyn at 23 years of age

Aswyn lived to be an amazing 28 1/2 years old and spent his last years still doing what he loved best, going for the occasional ride, strolling around his pasture and breeding! He was an amazing Friesian stallion and he continues to contribute to the Friesian breed with his high-premium, high quality fillies and colts…some of which are listed below for sale. We have a minimal amount of Aswyn’s frozen semen and intend to utilize it to continue to produce his unparalleled bloodlines in the future.

Wyn & Paula

Wyn de Pluum v.V. Conformation

Fortunately, WEF has one of Aswyn van de Pluum’s most highly awarded sons, Wyn de Pluum v.V. (FPZV) to continue on with his proven bloodlines and world champion winning ways. as well as six of the most beautiful, loving and highly awarded of Friesian mares.  Wyn was the 2006 IFSHA World Champion Senior Stallion, as well as a USDF multi-champion “Horse of the Year” in open dressage.

It was just wonderful to see what a kind, gentle breeding stallion he has become. He is a joy to handle. Always taking time to nuzzle and kiss away any nervousness his mares may have. He is very much the gentleman when breeding and just an all around lovable guy!  He is and will always be first in my heart as my first Friesian.

Eeltsje & Nicole

Eeltsje F. & Nicole Glusenkamp – 2006 USDF/Markel Young Horse Championships – 6yr Olds – 5th in the U.S.!

We are also very proud to offer for breeding Eeltsje F., our youngest (FPS) Friesian Ster stallion, who was the 2006 IFSHA World Champion Junior Stallion and 2006 Devon Breed Show Friesian Grand Champion.  He is a dressage phenom!  And in 2011, at 10 years old, will be competing at the Grand Prix level!

Please see his page for more information on his amazing achievements and awards!

2005 USDF Young Horse Championships – 5yr Olds – 10th in the U.S.!



Jorrit & Sabine – There simply are not words!!

Jorrit PM & Sabine Schut-Kery – The Pinnacle of Dressage

And last, but definitely not least, we have the unparalleled, the grandiose, FN “Gold Horse” award recipient, Jorrit PM!  Jorrit is synonymous with profound athleticism and the regal Friesian attitude born of a dressage Legend!  At 26, Jorrit is still a commanding force of nature, full of life and love!  He is our elder statesman now…and he is given the respect and love he has earned each and every day.

Please bear in mind, when looking at the pictures of our sales horses, our Texas location and sunny climate…our young horses are raised in natural settings which allows them to roam freely 24/7.  This also means that they spend most of that time in the sunshine and therefore their coats, manes and tails are sun bleached and may appear reddish brown in photos.  We can assure you from experience that once they are brought in out of the sun, they begin to darken immediately and after a month or so are back to their natural deep black color!

We feel that it is much more important that our young horses have the necessary exercise to properly develop their bones and joints and that takes a much higher priority to us than their remaining black all year round.

We hope you enjoy viewing our sale horses and perhaps, if you are as lucky as I when I found Wyn de Pluum, you too will find the horse of your dreams!