JADEN de PLUUM WEF 2011 Colt – SOLD!

Jaden de Pluum WEF – 2 days old!

Our most handsome little Jaden was sold today and is off to his new home with Tony Benitez & Jeanette Camacho in Liberty Hill, TX!

Jaden is such a sweet boy and I know they are just going to love him so much!  With Jaden, there was never any of the biting and little domination games that most little colts feel so compelled to try out on you when your back is turned! :-)  Just an adorable colt full of life and lots of fun!  His pasture-mate, Summersbey, my 18 year old Arabian gelding is missing his antics and company very much!  I think Jaden helped Summersbey to stay young (not that the silly boy needed it!) and Summersbey encouraged Jaden to mature and learn some rules…either way, they had a great friendship.  Splitting up friends like this is one of the sad things about selling our foals…but at least we know they go to wonderful and loving homes to make new, long term friends and family.

Jaden also taught me so much about “White” in the Friesian breed.  I was so shocked to see his white markings at his birth, but soon found them to be so striking and was so handsome!  As I began to research the occurrence of white within the Friesian breed, I learned that all Friesians carry a small percentage of white in their genetic code and in most instances as a breeder, it’s only a matter of time before you have a foal born with white markings.  In fact, there have been numerous breeding stallions and mares that have had white historically, but with the pressure to produce full black and politics associated with the breed, those white markings have either been dyed black or altered in some manner so as not to show…this has resulted in the misconception of the public that a quality purebred Friesian must be fully black in color or even worse, that if a Friesian has white markings then it cannot be a purebred Friesian!  After having Jaden, and seeing his amazing, bold movement and his strength, power that is so similar to his World Champion sire, Wyn de Pluum, I now feel it’s important that I help to educate people that have these misconceptions.

It’s terrible really, when you think about it…for people to make the color black so important that it diminishes wonderful, loving and majestic horses…horses that were born exactly as nature intended them to be born!


Our Handsome Jaden!

Jaden – You’re so Adorable!