JULIET de PLUUM WEF – 2011 Filly – “SOLD”

Juliet – 6 hours old!



We are so happy to have Juliet sold to our dear friend Julie McCloy!  Julie and her family will love Juliet so much and I know Juliet will give her full heart to each of them!  The best thing is that they live just around the corner, so Juliet will still be close to visit and I’ll be able to ride with she and Julie when she is old enough to be ridden!  Pics to follow!

LARALIE (L) & JULIET (R) with Paula

LARALIE (L) & JULIET (R) with Paula


Juliet de Pluum WEF is a beautiful, bold and sweet yearling filly now!  She will turn two in July, 2013 and is out of Holly vom Lindenbaum, our beautiful performance tested Model/Star mare and sired by Wyn de Pluum, our World Champion stallion.   Juliet’s movements are flowing, graceful yet bold and full of power!  She will make a loyal companion and a fantastic performance/riding horse!