TZARA de PLUUM WEF – 2007 FPZV Champion Yearling Filly – “SOLD”

Tzara de Pluum WEF

(Wyn de Pluum v.V. x Zabrina fan Veldbos, Model)

Date Foaled: 04/24/06




We never thought we would let Tzara go, but a short while back, a lovely & remarkable young lady came to take lessons here at WEF from our trainer, Reinhard Dorsch.  She wasn’t looking for a horse to buy and I wasn’t looking to sell a horse…especially, Tzara!  But something special happened when Lorraine and Tzara met…Tzara placed her entire head into Lorraine’s open arms and they simply held each other.  That relationship continued to build with each visit Lorraine made to the ranch for her lessons and soon, it was apparent to all that these two girls were meant to be together.  As sad as the thought of losing Tzara was, I soon recognized that it would never be as sad as the thought of Tzara and Lorraine never being together.  A bond that happened in an instant will now be a bond for a lifetime…my heart soars knowing that Tzara will have that special person, sister and lifelong friend that she so heartily deserved.

My sincerest wish for both Lorraine and Tzara is that their time together will be filled with a deep love for one another, tremendous joy in the time spent together and much, much laughter!

Congratulations Tzara, you have a beautiful new human sister and best friend…it is all I could ever have wished for you.  I will love and miss you always…

Tzara – Just Beautiful!

2007 FPZV “Yearling Filly Champion” – 8.00 – 1st Premium

Our Tzara is the epitomy of Friesian Filly Beauty!  She just prances her way into our hearts every day with her flowing movement!  Plus she is kind, gentle, loving and full of curiosity!  And she is a star pupil.  Her intelligence and athleticism are matched only by her willingness to learn!

Tzara is sired by our own World Champion Stallion, Wyn de Pluum v.V. and her dam, Zabrina fan Veldbos, is a Model mare with the kindest heart we have ever known! Tzara is definitely a blending of the best of two of our most loved horses…

Tzara also ties, clips, trailer loads, and quietly stands for her pedicures!  She is long and leggy with wonderful sporthorse potential!  And as Wyn de Pluum’s first foal, she has more than exceeded our expectations.