Aswyn van de Pluum | Wyn de Pluum v. V. | Eeltsje F. | Jorrit PM

Wyning Edge is proud to present our Elite/Preferent and World Champion Friesian Stallions for your consideration.

We understand that breeding your valuable mare is a substantial investment of time, expense and heartfelt love. It is the same for us here too. Therefore, shouldn’t such an investment bear the highest quality of return possible? Our goal is to offer the highest quality choice in stallions for your precious mare.

Each of our three wonderful stallions has garnered awards and achievements that will echo long into the future earning each of them their rightful place in the upper echelon of the Friesian breed. Our stallions represent the finest quality in the world today. Yet each stallion has differentiated himself from the others by hard won competition or his unsurpassed breeding contributions to the Friesian breed worldwide.

We are also very proud of our stallion’s accomplishments in open competition against performance horses of all breeds. While winning among our fellow Friesians is a true acknowledgement of excellence, Wyning Edge Friesians believes that our horses gain the highest level of respect when competing against all performance horses. To compete in Open competition is worthy of great merit and a feat that few others of our breed have proudly accomplished. Our magnificent breed has finally broken away from the “Exotic Pet” moniker and established itself as a serious All-Around Performance horse that can compete & WIN in the big leagues! Now making the Purebred or Crossbred Friesian a valuable, profitable and highly sought after horse! Our belief is that our excellent stallions offer traits that will compliment your mare and that given your thoughtful deliberation, you will find one or more of our stallions to be ideal.

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