Eeltsje F - USDF Grand Prix Open Champion







We are so very happy to have our “Bob” going to live in the paradise of Temecula, California with Barbara.  We honestly couldn’t have found a better “forever” home for him!

I have been so very proud of Nicole & Bob and all they have achieved, but now it’s time for Bob to reap the rewards of all of his hard work and move into the next phase of his life.

While bittersweet, we wish with all of our hearts, a future for Barbara & Bob filled with mutual Love and a deep, fulfilling partnership.

God Bless them in the ring and on the trails


keep them both healthy, safe and happy forevermore…

Love, Paula




Eeltsje F.

(aka “Bob”)

(Fabe 348 x Iduna-Ster Preferent)
Foaled 5/2/2001




Eeltsje F. with Nicole Glusenkamp – 2017 Sale Performance Video

for JR/YR, Serious Amateur or Professional:


Eeltsje F. – 2017 Full Sale Video


Eeltsje F. with Nicole Glusenkamp – 2017 Sale Performance Video – Stallion Personality:

Eeltsje F. – Stallion Personality/Breeding


Eeltsje F. with Nicole Glusenkamp – 2017 Sale Performance Video

for Prospective PROFESSIONAL Buyer:

Eeltsje F. – Prospective Professional Buyer




  • 2016 USDF “Horse of the Year” – Grand Prix – Open – 48th of 201 in the U.S.
  • 2016 USDF “Musical Freestyle” – Grand Prix – Open – 18th of 81 in the U.S.
  • 2016 USDF “Musical Freestyle Challenge” – Grand Prix – Open – 16th of 63 in the U.S.
  • 2016 USDF/RMDS Region 5 – “Champion” – Grand Prix – Open
2015 USDF/FHANA “Champion” – Grand Prix – Open – #1 in the U.S.
2015 USDF “Horse of the Year” – Grand Prix – Open – 74th of 198 in the U.S.
2015 USDF/RMDS Region 5 – “Champion” – Grand Prix – Open
2014 USDF/FHANA “Champion” – Grand Prix – Open – #1 in the U.S.
2014 USDF “Horse of the Year” – Grand Prix – Open – 61st of 165 in the U.S.
2014 USDF/RMDS Region 5 – “Champion” – Grand Prix – Open
2014 Great American/USDF SportHorse Breed Show – “Grand Champion” & “Stallion Horse of the Year” In-Hand
2013 USDF/FHANA “Champion” – Grand Prix – Open – #1 in the U.S.
2013 USDF “Horse of the Year” – Grand Prix – Open – 53rd of 128 in the U.S.
2013 USDF/RMDS Region 5 – “Reserve Champion” – Grand Prix – Open
2012 USDF Open Intermediare II “Horse of the Year” – 12th in the U.S.
2012 USDF/FHANA Open Intermediare II – CHAMPION
2012 IFSHA “High Point” CHAMPION
2010 WORLD EQUESTRIAN GAMES Opening Ceremony – “Friesian Train” & Mardi Gras Finale!
2010 IFSHA “High Point” CHAMPION
2010 USDF OPEN INTERMEDIARE 1 – 34th (out of 223) in the US
2009 USDF RMDS – Region 5 – “Horse of the Year”
2009 IFHSA “High Point” Champion – Intermediare 1/Open
2009 USDF/FHANA Reserve Champion – Intermediare 1/Open
2009 IFSHA “High Point” Reserve Champion – Prix St. Georges/Open
2009 USDF Dressage “Horse of the Year” – Ranked 38th overall at Intermediare 1/Open
2008 USDF FEI Developing Horse Championships – 10th in the US
2008 USDF FEI Developing Horse Championships – Voted “Best Turned Out Horse”
2008 USDF RMDS – Region 5 – “Horse of the Year”
2008 USDF/FHANA Reserve Champion – Prix St. Georges/Open
2007 USDF Markel 6 Year Old Young Horse Championships – 5th in the US
2007 USDF RMDS – Region 5 – “Horse of the Year”
2006 IFSHA “World Champion” Junior Friesian Stallion
2006 Dressage at Devon – All Breeds Championships – “Grand Champion Friesian”
2006 USDF Markel 5 Year Old Young Horse Championships – 10th in the US


Eeltsje F. is an unrivaled Friesian USDF Grand Prix Open Dressage Champion! He and his wonderful trainer, Nicole Glusenkamp of Westmanton Stables in Elizabeth, Colorado, have been consistent Champions since they first partnered in 2005, garnering respect for Eeltsje F’s incredible talent and for the Friesian breed’s ability to successfully compete nationally, head to head with all breeds in Dressage. His talent is comparable to the finest of well-bred competition warmbloods and since his importation from Holland in the fall of 2005, Eeltsje F. has certainly done us proud!

In 2006, after a long and very long dressage season, Eeltsje and Nicole qualified in the top 20 for the USDF FEI Five-Year-Old Young Horse Championships in Lexington, Kentucky and split the field by placing 10th in the nation of all five-year-old dressage horses. A feat never before tried or accomplished by a Friesian. Finishing out the season, we continued on from Lexington to the magnificent Dressage at Devon horse show, where Eeltsje also competed in the All-Breeds Championships and was awarded the prestigious 2006 “Grand Champion Friesian” title. This was now coupled with his fantastic “World Champion Junior Friesian Stallion” win at the 2006 IFSHA World Championships held in Las Vegas.

And while we thought there would be no way to top our 2006 show season, we were more than delighted to again make the cut for the USDF Top 20 in both 2007 & 2008!  For the 2007 Six-Year-Old Young Horse Championships and the prestigious 2008 USDF Young Developing Horse Championships.  Under Nicole’s impressive tutelage, Eeltsje F placed an amazing 5th in 2006 and 10th in 2008 out of the most highly prized young dressage mounts in the U.S.!  Validating the ability of the Friesian breed to compete head to head, side by side with the most notable and highly placing dressage horses in the nation!

Eeltsje F has continued to improve and grow with each successful show season into the most consistently placed Champion in the USDF of the Friesian Breed.  Eeltsje is currently and consistently the highest ranked Friesian competing in USDF Open Dressage in the U.S. today and has consistently placed in the top 1/3 of all USDF Open dressage horses nationally. He is currently successfully competing at the Grand Prix Level of Open Dressage, is a spectacular, highly superior Stallion, in excellent health and possessing exceptional beauty and character.

You may be asking, “what does the future hold for Eeltsje, and what can Eeltsje do for his new owner”? Eeltsje F is just now hitting his Prime!  And aside from being the absolute perfect Friesian Dressage mount for sport, Eeltsje has a fan base wherever he goes and is a superb “billboard” for your stable and Friesian breeding business. Eeltsje is so phenomenal, people can’t take their eyes off of him. He draws a crowd of people and interest to Friesian ownership, everywhere he goes. Eeltsje is perfect to work around and handle, as well as having excellent character and manners.

Eeltsje also has a very legitimate chance to become approved for breeding with the KFPS Studbook based on his performance per the KFPS. Upon selection, he would be granted a 2 week character testing, NOT the full 70 day test…. Notable is that Eeltsje was the 2006 “Grand Champion Friesian” in hand at Dressage at Devon All Breeds Championships, As well as 2006 IFSHA “World Champion” Junior Friesian Stallion in hand.  Eeltsje is not only an unrivaled Friesian Champion in sport with Dressage, but is also an exceptional representation of a Friesian Stallion in reference to the KFPS breed standard…Another interesting fact is that Eeltsje’s sire, FABE, had a 3rd son become approved for breeding who is now called ALKE 468. ALKE was approved in 2011. Eeltsje is appealing to the studbook, especially since he’s a Fabe 348 (who remains interesting for his breeding value and low kinship) and out of a great mare line.

As you can see, Eeltsje F is a truly exceptional, “One of a Kind” Friesian stallion.  He is just now hitting his prime! An amazing athlete with incomparable gaits, incredibly handsome with tons of mane and tail and a fabulous sweet & loving temperament. If you are interested in his purchase or breeding to this unique and record-breaking stallion, please contact Paula for more information…(830-431-0919)



Eeltsje F. decends from Stam 50. Not only does Eeltsje have the prestigious full papers, Ster Preferent, Ster Preferent, Model Preferent, Model Preferent, Ster Preferent, Model Preferent, Model Preferent, but he is out of Iduna, the dam of the famous FPS Approved Breeding Stallion, Anton 343, who is known for his mane that almost touches the ground. Eeltsje is sired by Fabe 348, whose sire Sape 381 is the previous World Champion. These 3 FPS Approved Breeding Stallions are among the most highly desired sires in the Friesian Studbook. Not only is each sire known for his excellent movement and sport ability, but they also pass these positive traits on to their offspring!

Eeltsje’s line of mothers consists of some of the most outstanding Friesian mares in history. The mare that began this line, Marianne-Model Preferent, was owned by one of the people who helped this ancient breed to survive the crisis of the sixties and saved the breed from extinction. This line of Marianne’s daughters preceding Eeltsje, are exceptional! Namk Model Preferent was 1st Premium at the Central Mare Show no fewer than 7 years and was once Champion over all! She was also the Granddam of the FPS Approved Stallion, Barteld 292, who was the sire of Wander 352. Namk’s daughter, Namke Model Preferent, received 1st Premiums at 3 Central Mare Shows and was Champion of the three-year-old mares at the Breeding Day. Namke was also the dam of the FPS Approved Stallion, Walter 282.

Eeltsje F. passed the semen and x-ray requirements for breeding approval with the FPS Dutch Friesian Registry. In 2004, Eeltsje became a Ster Stallion and began his Dressage career. In Holland, Eeltsje showed such talent that he by-passed the Dutch Training Level competition and went directly to showing Dutch L Level, which is equivalent to USDF 1st Level. Eeltsje placed 1st in every competition, including all Warmbloods and quickly earned the necessary points to compete in Dutch M Level–the equivalent of USDF 2nd Level. As a 4 year old, Eeltsje defeated a group of 145, 4 and 5 year old Friesians in a Dressage Show attached to a large FPS Friesian Keuring. Eeltsje finished the day on top with the prestigious title “Best Riding Horse,” and he is pictured taking his well-earned victory lap in the August 2005 issue of the FPS Registry’s Phryso Magazine (click to view). Eeltsje remained undefeated in Holland and was imported into the US by WEF in September 2005.