WYN de PLUUM v. V.


FPZV Approved Friesian Stallion

(Aswyn van de Pluum – Elite Preferent x Rixt H. – Elite Preferent)



2003-2008 – USDF “Horse of the Year” – Training Level to 4th Level


2011 – Wyn is having a very successful breeding season thus far breeding to many purebred Friesian mares as well as Saddlebred, Arabian, Quarter Horse and many Friesian crosses.  He is such an easy stallion to handle and is so gentle and loving to his mares.  When a 100 lb woman can be his breeding handler with full safety and ease, you have a fantastic stallion! :-)

Wyn also continues to remain in dressage training with the accomplished dressage trainer, Reinhard Dorsch.  I am also taking lessons on Wyn now and am actually beginning to be able to sit that TROT! Ha!  It is an amazing feeling to have such a powerful, yet willing partner to ride upon!  I feel so very blessed to have this magnificent boy and to have Reinhard’s devotion to Wyn’s training and to my coaching.

Wyn de Pluum is, without a doubt, one of the most handsome Friesian stallions ever bred…he simply takes your breath away! Wyn is of the Baroque body type, lighter and leaner than the Classic Old World Friesian. His flowing mane and tail only compliment his large, kind eyes cut into a most refined and chiseled head. Many have stated that they have never seen as refined a Friesian as Wyn de Pluum and he is considered by the FPZV judges to be the closest to perfection in Friesian stallion type than any other Friesian stallion in North America with perhaps only one other rival in Europe, his brother, Woodstock.

Wyn’s lineage is unsurpassed. He is a son of our sole FPZV Elite/Preferent Friesian Stallion–Aswyn van de Pluum–and is the only son to have surpassed his magnificent sire in Friesian stallion type. His dam, Rixt H. (also owned by WEF) is the only FPZV Elite/Preferent Mare in the world.

And Wyn de Pluum isn’t just striking in his magnificent appearance…He has been blessed with powerful forward movement and exceptional gaits. All of which have contributed to his becoming an accomplished USDF open dressage competitor earning several “Horse of the Year” Awards, as well as a being the 2006 IFSHA World Champion Friesian Stallion. Wyn is an incredibly hard working athlete that possesses a willingness in his work ethic that makes all who ride him delight in his desire to please. He is smart, gentle and loving with a heart made of marshmallow making him the perfect choice for a breeding stallion. His favorite treat is a really good scratch right at his withers that will nearly send him over the edge with pure ecstasy! We love this stallion with all of our hearts here at Wyning Edge and we are thankful every day that he is part of our lives.

We began breeding Wyn de Pluum in 2005 and thus far, his foals are of excellent quality, scoring 1st or 2nd Premium. Tzara de Pluum WEF, Wyn’s first filly and a truly beautiful girl, was awarded the prestigious 2007 FPZV North American Champion Filly.  His offspring are predominantly the Sporthorse body type with the occasional Baroque…and of course, all are absolutely adorable! He is available for breeding to both Purebred and Crossbred mares.

(Wyn de Pluum’s History continues…) In September, 2003 Wyn was presented for the 2003 FPZV Keuring or Judging Tour. This judging and/or rating is used to determine the scores for type, exterior, and movements with regard to correctness and impulsion for purposes of future breeding. Wyn so impressed the German judges that he received the highest award of 1st Premium with a score of 8.2.

This rating garnered him the 2003 Keuring Reserve Champion Young Stallion/USA designation and we were asked by the judges to submit him for the 2004 FPZV Stallion Performance Test.

Early in 2004, Wyn de Pluum attended the FPZV Stallion Performance Test held in Texas. The test is a grueling 50 days in which a young stallion must excel on every level including: Conformation, Dressage, 4 Wheel Carriage Driving, and pulling a 500lb sled. The purpose of this test is to eliminate all but the best and to allow only the finest stallions to carry on the purebred Friesian lineage. The young horses are worked hard daily and only those found to possess the physical strength & stamina, along with the mental fortitude, maturity and willingness are awarded the honor of passing. Once passed, these stallions become members of a small and elite group allowed to breed the wonderful purebred Friesian mare.

To our excitement, Wyn did us very proud and passed the testing successfully with a combined score of 7.6. Here is a sampling of the wonderful scores he earned:

•Character– 10
•Temperament– 10
•Learning and Performance Willingness– 9.0
•Performance Ability– 8.0
•Ease of Movement Under Saddle– 8.0
•Jumping– 9.5
•Suitability for Driving– 8.5
•Cantor– 8.5
•Trot– 8.0

Please see our NEWS page for updates and please stay tuned for Wyn’s future accomplishments!